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The Clinical Approach to Testosterone Therapy

​The Men's Clinic of Minnesota offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy based on a health and wellness approach to natural male aging. 

​Leading physicians agree with this approach...San Francisco specialist Dr. Karron Power says that increased quality of life, improved attitudes and better personal relationships are seen when optimal male testosterone levels are restored and carefully monitored. She says that her own husband has benefited from the therapy.

"The most important thing to know about male testosterone replacement therapy is that it's not a 'locker room drug'," says Dr. Karron Power, who practices in San Francisco and Corte Madera,CA. "When appropriate for the patient, testosterone therapy is administered as part of an overall treatment. "It's not all about libido or building muscle mass," says Dr. Power. "The most significant effect is improvement of a man's outlook on life - not just the absence of depression, but an improved attitude, optimism, and ambition."

Dr. Power says that men with diminished testosterone levels exhibit statistically higher mortality rates. "Common complaints among men with low testosterone include depression, lack of motivation, and a feeling that they've 'lost their edge.' Testosterone replacement therapy for the right patient can improve a man's mood, sense of optimism and engagement with life and relationships," she says.

According to Dr. Power, testosterone levels start to diminish for most men sometime during their 30's. By age 50 most, but not all men have suboptimal levels of testosterone. Men usually don't notice the changes in their attitude, mood, libido or other physical effects until they are down to about 50% of their optimal level. Dr. Power says that women often express concern about the idea of a husband or boyfriend undergoing testosterone therapy, fearful that the man will become overly demanding sexually or that their partner might cheat on them. But she says that testosterone therapy has been very beneficial for her own husband, Oliver and that the therapy has helped to improve their relationship. 

​ "Starting at age 38 to 44 I experienced a progressive mental and physical decline," says Oliver, 47. "My energy levels really dropped, I became listless and was losing interest in doing the things I used to enjoy like skiing, mountain biking and tennis. None of these activities seemed worth the effort any more. I gained weight even though I still forced myself to go to the gym 3 times a week and my diet stayed the same. I was sleeping more, but feeling less rested when I woke up. I developed a litany of aches and pains that dogged me all day long. I lost interest in family activities and was easily irritated. I became unresponsive emotionally and my libido sagged. I started drinking more. I just became overwhelmed with running my business.""Since undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, I started exercising more regularly, and more importantly I now have the energy and desire to do so," says Oliver. I lost weight and gained back muscle mass, and the quality of my sleep improved. I became more optimistic and more energetic."

Dr. Power says that testosterone may be administered by injection, topical creams or with dissolving pills, but for several reasons she believes that the injection method is best. She counsels her patients on the available choices and allows each to decide what is right for himself. Dr. Power says that she takes a conservative approach, bringing most patients to a higher but moderate level, and if they are doing well, the levels can be adjusted as may be appropriate in each case.

April 30,
​2012 /EIN Presswire/

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

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